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Herker Industries News

Murata Newest Acquisition

Recent addition is the Murata MD120 Twin Spindle, Live Tool, Gantry Load
Posted by Jenny Jaeger | Sep 26, 2017

New Hire Announcement

Herker Industries is pleased to announce Bobby Carr as Vice President of Manufacturing.
Posted by Jenny Jaeger | Sep 13, 2017

How Did We Get Here?

Who invented the screw machine? More fascinating is why and how. Discover the people behind this classic invention. Learn how one invention shaped the next 150 years in technology, labor, and public policy.
Posted by Jenny Jaeger | Aug 08, 2017

The Demand for Welders

The skilled welder shortage presents great employment opportunities. Learn the many welding methods used at Herker Industries and what it takes to become a certified welder. Skilled welders are key to overseeing more advanced assembly techniques and can be Certified Welding Inspectors.
Posted by Jenny Jaeger | Apr 16, 2017

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