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Herker Adds Unique 8-Spindle Machines to Equipment List
Posted by Tim Wachs | February 02, 2015
Herker Industries has expanded its capabilities by adding two additional 8-spindle machines to its facilities.

With the addition of these machines, we now have 59 multi-spindles with machining capacity from 3/16” up to 4”.

“These new machines give us more opportunity and flexibility to make parts at a competitive price for our customers,” Herker Plant Manager Joe Hamilton explained. “In addition to accommodating smaller diameter stock, we can run more complex parts on these machines because we can add more tools. These machines give us more cutting options.”

As part of the advanced tooling capabilities, the addition of these machines expands on our backworking capabilities as well.

The new 8-spindle machines provide a solution to customers who have high-volume runs as well.

“Depending on the part, we may be able to cut off two or three parts at once rather than just one. This allows us to get complex orders done more quickly,” Hamilton said.

For more information on how Herker Industries can accommodate your project on the 8-spindle machines, contact us today.            
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