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8 Reasons to Partner with Herker vs. Foreign Supplier

Herker Industries vs. A Foreign Supplier

Why it’s better to source machined components domestically from Herker

Are you weighing the pros and cons on where to source your precision machined parts and assemblies? In the early 2000’s, manufacturing jobs were being sent overseas to countries such as China. Recently, the wind has changed and now there are more advantages to working with domestic manufacturers such as with Herker Industries.

Have you heard about the advantages of outsourcing your work domestically versus sending it to a foreign supplier? Discover the 8 reasons to work with Herker Industries for your precision machining needs.

8 Reasons to Partner with Herker Industries vs. A Foreign Supplier of Precision Machined Parts

  1. Made in USA – Country pride and workmanship from highly skilled, non-union machinists.
  2. Local Expertise – Need help with your part design to reduce costs? Has there been a last minute change within the project? Quickly and easily work with Herker experts and avoid delaying the project timeline. Call when a change or issue comes up instead of having to wait a full day until your international rep is working during their hours.
  3. Quality – Robust process controls, ISO quality systems and Six Sigma ensure accuracy of machined parts and assemblies.
  4. Reliability – You can count on Herker to “make it happen” time and again.
  5. Shipping – Save on shipping time and costs by working with a U.S.-based precision machining supplier like Herker Industries. It’s more expensive to have items shipped from overseas plus there are duty costs. Standard overseas shipping time can be anywhere from 2 weeks to over a month. Get your parts faster by working with Herker Industries and our stocking programs tailored to the customer.
  6. Custom Production Quantities – We can handle production volumes including surge demands. Many foreign suppliers require high minimum quantities and longer lead times.
  7. Ability to Handle Complex Parts – Herker can quickly and efficiently manufacture parts that require challenging operations, multiple processes, or varying materials. 
  8. Technology – We use multi-axis CNC, Swiss-type and other cutting edge machining technology to produce more accurate and complex or intricate parts.

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