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Herker Invests in New Technology Throughout 2019
Posted by Olivia Storey | January 08, 2020
Herker Industries is continuing to position itself as a strategic supplier to customers by offering production part value through investments in advanced manufacturing technologies.  For the efficient production of mid to high volume machined parts, Herker purchased three Euroturn ZPS 8-32S multi-spindle screw machines.  Features include automatic bar loaders, spindle stopping, cross drilling, polygon milling, back working and single-point turning with CNC slides.  These machines are ideally suited for the machining of components used in the hydraulic/pneumatic industry including fittings, collars, cages, end plugs and adaptors. 


The capability of Herker’s CNC turning department was expanded along with increased capacity by the addition of two new CNC lathes.  A Mazak QTU-350MSY and DMG Mori NZX 2000/800 with bar feeders, sub-spindles, live tooling and Y-axis function complement the existing equipment.  This advanced technology offers productivity gains and reduced costs for parts with tighter tolerances and complex geometries in the mid volume ranges.  


As customer part tolerances decrease and inspection requirements increase, Herker needed to invest in a new Mitutoyo ROUNDTEST RA-1600.  This new pc-compliant instrument measures roundness and cylindrical-form, plus has extensive analysis features to enable measurement of a wide variety of machined parts.  


In the past year, Herker has invested over $2.5M in technologically advanced equipment to meet the ever changing demands of customers.  Herker’s manufacturing processes are engineered to meet each customer’s unique needs.  From process layout and efficient production, to supply chain management delivering quality products on a just-in-time basis, Herker offers manufacturing solutions for a wide range of industries. 


Since 1952, Herker Industries has been a leader in the Excellence of precision machining, mechanical assemblies and contract welding.  Located in a comprehensive 150,000-square foot manufacturing facility, Herker sets itself apart as a versatile supplier committed to exceeding customer expectations.


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