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Do They Pass The Test?
Posted by Jenny Jaeger | October 25, 2017

Have You Lost an Order to Competition?


High volume machining is an industry where meeting customers' demands for quality parts through quick turn around at the right cost are key. The right contract manufacturer is consistent with quality and delivery. The correct supplier is an asset and contributes to the value of the final product. A customer and it's supplier have a relationship of continuous communication and shared goals for service and growth.


How to determine if a high volume contract manufacturer has value? Do they pass the TEST.



Human & Machine
An industry wide supplier has engineers and skilled workers that create a vast knowledge base to work with. Today's machining capabilities are numerous. A manufacturer offers newer and older methods understands. Knowing which ones to use and why is important to the bottom line.

 E   Evaluate
Capabilities & Performance
High volume manufacturing requires the necessary equipment, people, and space. Being supplied with machined parts of consistent quality requires systems and procedures.

S  Supply
Reliable & Responsive
It starts with a dependable raw material supply and goes all the way through to the logistics of on-time deliverables. Things don't always run smoothly so understanding the importance of communication matters.

T  Total Package

A manufacturing supplier that has proficient machining capabilities, extensive experience with established operations and people who communicate contributes to the success of their customers.



Does Herker Industries meet your TEST for preferred supplier?



Herker Industries started as a producer of screw machine products. While this process is still a strong part of our business Herker has also invested in newer technology and specialized equipment or created dedicated lines to accommodate clients' needs.

Procedures and documented guidelines should be used to ensure tight tolerances are met. Herker Industries operate through ISO 9001 certified systems and consistently use Six Sigma practices and SPC.

We purchase a lot of materials- and thus know which key raw material suppliers we can depend upon. Herker's strong financial position means no delays in final delivery. We are stable and here for the long term.

Proficient Manufacturing: Precision machining, engineered assemblies, welding, metal fabrication, and manufacturing consolidation is what we do.
Extensive Experience: 100+ skilled machine professionals and engineers, 65 years producing precision machined parts, a diverse clientele from a variety of industries, and we are 5 times larger than industry standards.
Established Operations: 5 plants with production space totaling 150,000 sq ft and we are financially stable.


Sourcing with the correct high volume manufacturer contributes to a company's success. Industry know-how, the right machines and processes, established quality practices and strategic inventory management are the necessary tools. Each requires communication to make it work. Communication is a fundamental building block not only with the process but with the relationship between customer and supplier.  




Herker Industries' Machining Techniques: discover our range with this quick reference list.


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