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How Did We Get Here?
Posted by Jenny Jaeger | August 08, 2017


It is interesting to discover your family's heritage. For Herker Industries it is 65 years ago with the start of Herker Screw Products. Further back in the lineage is the birth of the screw machine. There is a newly published historical story about the invention of the screw machine and the people involved.


Brown & Sharpe and the Measure of American Industry

Making the Precision Machine Tools That Enabled Manufacturing, 1833-2001

by Gerald M. Carbone


About the Book

Joseph Brown, founder of Brown & Sharpe, was a skilled clockmaker who invented new machines, and new ways to make things. Samuel Darling, an eccentric inventor from Maine, joined up and brought with him his engine for marking precise graduations on measuring instruments. Lucian Sharpe, with his son Henry and grandson Henry Jr., guided the company for more than a century- and along with it the global machine tools industry.


The men and women of Brown & Sharpe produced and marketed a dazzling array of measuring devices, machine tools and precision machinery. They truly helped shape Rhode Island, the nation and the modern world. The history of Brown & Sharpe covers more than 150 years of technological development, labor history and public policy, culminating in history's longest strike.




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