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Multi-Spindle Machining Capacity Open Now at Herker Industries
Posted by Rick Bosshard | March 05, 2015

With over 60 years of precision expertise, Herker Industries specializes in multi-spindle machining, and we currently have available capacity to accommodate your immediate needs.

The Herker Industries equipment list includes over 60 multi-spindle machines with a wide range of manufacturing capabilities. Operated by skilled machinists, our equipment offers increased productivity by utilizing both 6- and 8-spindle technology, accommodating bar stock ranging from

3/16" to 4" in diameter and producing precision machined parts to exact tolerances. With these high capacity machines, we can handle your high volume runs with ease.

Our 6- and 8-spindle machines are supported by secondary operations equipment such as CNC machining centers, lathes, and custom-built tapping and drilling machines. The wide range of equipment we have allows us to handle production runs into the millions, just-in-time, and with Six Sigma quality results. Our ISO 9001:2008 certification promises your parts will be made to your specifications.

Contact Herker Industries today to get your part running on the multi-spindle machines.

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