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CNC Multi-Spindle Screw Machines


A multi-spindle screw machine utilizes multiple tools to simultaneously cut multiple pieces of material. The different processes to complete a part are separated among the spindles. A multi-spindle can produce products at approximately 4 to 5 times the speed of a single spindle. Multi-spindles are either chucker or automatic bar depending on what material is being used.

Benefits of CNC Multi-Spindle Screw Machine

  • More efficient way to produce small parts
  • Higher production number
  • Lower part cost


How It Works

Multi-spindles have been compared to the Gatling gun because of the rotation around a drum. A multi-spindle moves workpieces between a number of stations and completes a different process at each station. The product is finished when it has completed a full rotation. Because of the multiple spindles, more work can be done in a quicker amount of time than a single-spindle.  


Application Examples

  • Threading
  • Turning
  • Broaching
  • Knurling
  • Center drilling
  • Tapping
  • Recessing
  • Back finishing
  • Cross drilling
  • Milling