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Murata Newest Acquisition
Posted by Jenny Jaeger | September 26, 2017

Herker Industries has purchased a NEW Murata MD120 Twin Spindle, Live Tool, Gantry Load Machine.


Globally, the Murata MD120 is a favorite for versatility, reliability, and unsurpassed productivity. The turning center's compact design offers flexible manufacturing. It is ideal for line operation and versatile with its easy set-up change. The Murata machine features five-facing machining without rechucking. The C-axis spindle and the cross and face milling heads allow the front and four sides of a workpiece to be machined. The auto load / unload gantry provides the ability to run larger parts unattended. This permits for one operator to attend multiple automated machines. By using less labor, keeping our spindles running, and having a machine with more capabilities we improve our competitiveness.


MURATA  MD120  Specifications
 Chuck size  STD: 165 mm (6"); OPT: 210 mm (8")
 Number of spindles  2
 Number of tools  10 x 2 
 Spindle nose  JIS A2-5
 Maximum spindle speed  4500 rpm
 3000 rpm, 6000 rpm (7.5 kW only)
 Spindle AC motor  STD: 7.5 kW / 30 min x 2
 OP: 11 kW / 30 min x 2
 Live tool motor  2.5 kW, 8 N / continuous x 2
 Live tool speed  4000 rpm
 Maximum live tool diameter      Milling - diameter 16 mm tapping - M10
 Gross weight with loader  5000 kg


The commitment to the Murata MD120 started months ago. Our team of employees began planning: drafting an improved workflow with optimal labor usage and thus, the moving of equipment commenced. This has been a great experience for our workforce and management at Herker Industries. We look for additional venues in replacing older equipment, improve workflow, advance service to our clients, and to grow in the precision machining industry.



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