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Muratec MW40 Twin Spindle CNC Chucker Machine

Muratec MW40 Twin Spindle CNC Chucker Machine

In this video, we demonstrate how the Muratec MW40 Twin Spindle CNC Chucker Machine is able to complete an unfinished piece of stock within just a few moments. The multi-axis twin spindle CNC chucker machine provides a cost-effective option for the automated mass-production of highly-specialized precision parts.


Automated Mass-Production of Precision-Machined Parts

Introduced in 2012 by Murata Machinery USA, the Muratec MW40 is an energy-saving automated twin spindle CNC chucker. Though very compact, this machine provides the Herker Industries team with the flexibility and versatility needed to efficiently produce a wide range of high-volume high-precision parts. The Muratec MW40’s easy set-up allows for quick tool changes and maximizes operational time, while the integrated intelligent 3-axis CNC gantry loader provides automated production, and the combined movements of the X-, Y-, and Z-axes yield a complete part within the confines of a single machine.


Maximizing Ultimate Precision

As the Muratec MW40 produces spindle speeds up to 8,000 rpm, the resulting thermal displacement could be expected to be quite high. However, the actual outcome is less than 5 microns of thermal displacement, even with indexing-style turrets, creating parts with tolerances as low as 5 microns.


Additional features contributing to the Muratec MW40’s production of highly-precise parts include:

  • Separate beds for each axis, eliminating the transfer of harmonic vibrations.
  • A live tool drive and fixed turret that moves up and down to accomplish Y-axis processes with ±25 mm tolerances.
  • A standard load time of 5.5 seconds that includes an integrated intelligent 3-axis CNC gantry loader, eliminating workpiece transfer time.

Specs for the Muratec MW40:


Workpiece Size: Ø50D mm x 90L mm

Chuck Size:

  • 4 inch (Ø110 mm)
  • 5 inch (Ø135 mm)

Spindle drive motor: 3.7 kW/30min (2.2 kW/continuous)

Spindle speed range: 8,000 rpm (Option 10,000 mm)

Number of turret stations: Turret 10 x 2

Spec. of axes:

  • X-axis 155 mm  (15m/min)
  • Y-axis 170 mm (15m/min)

Use tool:

  • O.D. tool 16 mm / 20 mm
  • I.D. tool Ø25 mm

Live tool drive motor: 1.4 kW/5,000 rpm (max. torque 2.8 Nm)

Maximum speed: 6,000 rpm

Maximum tool shank size:

  • Milling Ø7
  • Tapping M6

Y-axis stroke: ±25 mm (12m/min)

Thermal Displacement: Less than 5 µ