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Questions & Answers

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What does DFM stand for?



DFM is Design For Manufacturability. The engineering of designing a part or product that allows for the ease of manufacture. This leads to lower manufacturing costs and higher margins. Herker’s experienced manufacturing engineering team works directly with customers to offer DFM suggestions before parts go into production. Our vast experience in machining allows us to present ideas that may not have been initially explored.





Does your machined parts supplier offer Value-Added manufacturing?



Value-Added manufacturing is defined as things that add value to the final product so that the total value is greater than the cost. One way Herker Industries provides Value-Added manufacturing is by being able to produce a precision machined part that is included as a component of a sub-assembly. Our Engineered Assemblies division can weld or assemble a machined part to other components in order to provide greater value and lower total cost.





When was the first multi-spindle screw machine invented?



The first automatic screw machine was patented in 1865 by Brown & Sharpe and then by Christopher Spencer in 1873. Find out more >>





What are some of the benefits of sourcing machined parts domestically versus globally?



Shorter lead times, lower shipping costs, reduced inventory levels, more agility by supplier to respond to engineering changes during production, and not every commodity is suited for long distance buying.




Why is it better to source machined components domestically from Herker? 

Made in USA, local expertise, quality and more. Discover all 8 Reasons to Partner with Herker Industries vs. A Foreign Supplier of Precision Machined Parts.

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