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Herker Establishes Standalone Swiss Machining Department
Posted by Rick Bosshard | August 23, 2011
Herker Industries has established a standalone Swiss machining department for the manufacture of small precision machined components. The 10,000 square foot department is housed in a temperature controlled building and currently consists of several multi-tasking, multi-axis Swiss style machines. These machines can produce parts with stock diameters ranging from 1mm to 32mm in all types of materials including stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, steel and alloy steel. Herker will continue to expand the department's capability and capacity to support developing market opportunities.

By harnessing the expertise of personnel with specializations in Swiss machining setup and operation, Herker is able to focus on the stringent requirements of customers in industries such as hydraulic or medical equipment. Herker now has the ability to be extremely responsive to their unique needs with the potential for quick turnaround due to accelerating demand from the economic recovery. Herker has longstanding relationships with customers in these industries, several dating back further than 15 years.

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