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Stator Shaft Production Gets Lean in 2017
Posted by Rick Bosshard | February 07, 2017




Herker Industries is proud to announce an extensive investment in capital equipment for the manufacturing of Stator Shafts used in the electric motor industry. As experts of multi-spindle and precision machining, Herker has invested in additional automation to increase efficiency and reduce production costs. A lean manufacturing process our customers and Herker likes.


Equipment was installed to establish a single piece flow for a specific customer. With automated manufacturing cells, Herker Industries is able to produce high volume, cost competitive stator shafts up to 2 1/4 inches diameter and 24 inches long machined from steel bar stock. It starts with multi-spindle screw machines equipped with Acro-Feed magazine bar loaders. This eliminates manual material stock ups thus enables the machine to continually run production through bar changes. The result is increased productivity. This is just the first benefit! Secondly, Acro-Feed bar loaders allow for longer shafts to be machined and tighter length tolerances compared to a conventional stock reel, multi-spindle machine.


The next addition to the manufacturing cell is integrated automation that moves the machined shaft blanks to a centerless, thru-feed OD grinder featuring auto compensation gaging. The constant size monitoring and feedback to the grinder allows for size adjustment and very tight tolerance control throughout the grinding process. Shafts requiring additional secondary operations such as broaching and staking are also completed within the manufacturing cell.


Herker Industries continually looks to implement processes that improve the quality of products and enhance the relationships with our customers. Our ability to incorporate advancements into the production process allows us to proudly deliver a quality, budget-friendly product.




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