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Manufacturing Consolidation

Manufacturing Consolidation


Can your company achieve greater efficiency and realize increased profitability by selling all or part of your manufacturing operations? Downsizing your operations can free up capital income, manufacturing space and time to focus on your core competencies. The end result - higher profitability for your company.


Herker Industries specializes in consolidating manufacturing operations by absorbing capital equipment and in some cases, key personnel. By acquiring manufacturing assets and taking production in-house for our customers, we have helped them achieve cost-saving efficiency through reduced labor, advanced equipment, and increased production.

Our solid company has built financial strength through manufacturing expertise and smart business practices for over 60 years.

Advantages gained through strategic manufacturing consolidation include:

Competitive Pricing
Herker Industries is a full-service contract manufacturer. We can take your product from the conception stage through delivery by performing multiple value-added processes resulting in an overall lower cost.

Lower Internal Costs
Keeping your internal costs down is just as important as reducing the price of your product. Herker Industries can lower your internal costs while providing your product at a nearly fixed cost.

Engineering Excellence
Reduce the need to staff your own engineering team. Herker Industries employs an experienced engineering team well qualified to work in partnership with you and assist you in finding the best solutions.

Quality Production
We continually invest in the most innovative equipment and processes including ISO 9001:2008 certified systems and cellular manufacturing. Herker Industries' expertise and efficiencies equate to top-quality production.

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Testimonials - Herker Industries


Major Agriculture Company

"Herker Industries played a crucial role when we decided to shut down our screw machine department and focus on our core competencies. The strength of their engineering team made the transfer seamless." - Senior Corporate Sourcing 


Automotive Industry

"Once again, Herker Industries has proven their ability to take on tough projects. Their commitment to quality and customer service is commendable. They made our decision to shut down our manufacturing operation worthwhile." - VP of Manufacturing 


Case Study


The Problem:

  • Aging production machines
  • Major capital investments to maintain and upgrade
  • Diminishing skilled workforce

The Solution:

  • Herker proposes manufacturing consolidation outsource partnership.
  • Herker's Project Management Engineers document all processes from the shop floor to gain all "tribal knowledge".
  • Herker establishes strategic buffer by scheduling time on existing equipment, and purchasing several new machines.
  • Herker purchases 22 production machines from the customer.
  • Relocate the machines and the labor from the customer to Herker's shop floor.
  • Herker Quality Assurance team PPAP's all new equipment to ensure continuity in product quality.

The Results:

  • Maintained supply chain continuity
  • Reduced cost of component for customer
  • Allowed our customer to focus capital and attention on their "core business"